Dice molds

Dice molds

You bought the dice. You made the molds. You can make it and you can keep it. If you are making dice to sell, this is where it gets fancy. So no company can trademark or copyright a simple geometric shape. Keyword here is simple. So the shape of dice blank is free game to copy and distribute. While some fonts are more ambiguous than others, if you copy and sell dice with a font you did not make or purchase the rights to, the original company can sue you for copyright infringement.

You can still get into trouble for trademark infringement. By either ruining their reputation or not being on brand. Or if a company only makes opaque dice and you make translucent dice. You can only get in trouble this way if the company gets a hold of your dice, or if the person you gave it to takes pictures and posts it on the internet and the company finds it.

I have a few dice I also reink dice, and probably made that rainbow inked one you saw. Currently open for: dice IDs, showing off your collection, any and all questions about dice. Closed for: character dice recs, character dice aesthetics. Buy me a coffee? Query the nerd Show me your dice!Dice are items used for generating random numbers during a sort of social and gambling games. Known since antiquity, dice are called the oldest gaming instruments.

The foremost common method of dice manufacture involves injection molding of plastic followed by painting. It is through the dice molding that you are able to give your dice a desired shape and design.

It is also through this process that large volumes of dice are able to be produced within a very short period. Dice have been used for gaming purposes for over centuries.

Evidence found in Egyptian tombs has proven this mold used them as early as B.

dice molds

Other data shows that primitive civilizations throughout America also used dice. These dice, during those old days, were composed of ankle bones from various animals. Marked on four faces, they were to used as magical objects that would predict the longer term. The traditional Greeks and Romans used dice made from bone and ivory.

The dice of most of those early cultures were made in numerous shapes and sizes. The modern-day cubical dice originated in China and are dated back as early as B. They were presumably introduced to Europe during the fourteenth century.

Dice were usually handcrafted and produced on a little proportion until the 20 century. As plastic molding technology emerged, methods for applying it to dice molding were drastically developed.

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This allowed manufacturers to supply mass quantities of dice during a cost-effective manner. Numerous materials are forged into dice throughout history. They include such things as bones, glass, wood, seeds, and metals. Today, the foremost widely used base material for dice manufacture is plastic.

Plastics are high relative molecular mass polymers that are produced through a spread of chemical behaviour. For a plastic to be suitable for dice mold, it must have good impact strength, be easily colored, and temperature stability.

Most dice are made with a thermoset plastic. One, the plastic that meets all of those requirements is acrylic PMMA. Cellulose-based plastics also are used. Since the polymer, which makes up the majority of the plastic is usually colorless, colorants are added to form the dice more appealing.

These could also be soluble dyes or comminuted pigments. To supply a white color, an inorganic material like titanium oxide could also be used. Other inorganic materials like iron oxides are often wont to produce yellow, red, black, brown, and tan dice. Organic dyes like pyrazolone reds, quinacridone violet, and flavanthrone yellow can also be utilized.

A host of other filler agents are added to the plastics to supply a durable, top quality set of dice. To extend the workability and adaptability of the polymer, a plasticizer is included. Plasticizers are nonvolatile solvents and include things like paraffinic oils or glycerol. To enhance the general properties of the plastic, reinforcement materials like fiberglass are added.

Other protective agents that are added include ultraviolet UV protectors like benzophenones to stop UV degradation and antioxidants like aliphatic thiols to alleviate environmental oxidation. Finally, compounds also are used during manufacture to assist in mold dice.Boardgames are an excellent way to keep the family occupied and busy, but it can be most annoying when you take out a game and find that the dice are missing.

There are even the oddest shaped dice for some games. So, here is a solution, we will show you how to make dice by using Resin.

The sky is the limit as to what designs and patterns you can come up with, maybe even invent a new game yourself. Before you start with this project, it is advisable to get all your materials ready. Having everything prepared will prevent you from running around halfway through the project looking for materials you need. How to make your dice? Prepare your workplace making sure that you have a clear working area to avoid making a mess with your resin. Apart from getting all your materials ready, you will also have to decide what type of dice you want to make.

Once you have made this decision, you can purchase the mold for your choice of dice. Some suggestions where you can find them online include:. It is important to buy good quality molds, the cheaper mold castings might not turn out as you expect. How to make polyhedral resin dice? All the standard resin molds available are listed above and are all polyhedral dice, which means a dice that has multiple flat surfaces, all equal in size.

There is a choice of resins available on the market. You will have to try them out to find out which one works best for you. Follow the instructions on the package, this ensures you only mix the quantity you need for your project. Pour your two-part resin into the disposable cups and mix using the spoon or other mixing tool.

The disposable mixing cups do not need to be expensive; you can make use of a medicine cup or use a paper cup. If you intend to make more than one dice at the same time, you will need to have the same amount of mixing cups available.

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The mixing spoon or utensil can be anything you have in your kitchen, as it can easily be cleaned after you have finished using it. Mix the resin thoroughly and position your mold in such a way that when you pour it, the air does not get trapped in any of the depressions.

Make use of a toothpick to help direct the resin into the hole. Once you have poured the resin into your mold, set it aside and allow to cure. Remember, the resin may have a strong odor, so make use of a respirator and work in a well-ventilated area. Before you pour your resin, you must decide if you want to leave your dice clear or do you want to add something extra? You could add alcohol inks or mica powders to give your dice color.

Resin Casting for Beginners - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

If you fancy glittery things, you could add some glitter to the resin. Remember, to always mix thoroughly before pouring. You could even embed a small figure or item to make the dice more personal.

Allow the resin to cure, which should take about 24 hours before you can handle the mold. A good test to see if your resin has cured properly is to check if it is hard and smooth to the touch.

Handbook: Everything You Should Know About Dice Molds

Depending on your resin, it could take 48 hours up to 72 hours for slow curing resin. If it is wet and sticky, your resin has not cured properly. This could be due to incorrect mixing of your resin or something that you added caused the resin not to cure correctly.

Once the resin has cured fully, you are ready to start demolding your dice casting. Remember, if it has not cured properly, it will still be sticky.Your wishlist has been temporarily saved.

dice molds

Please Log in to save it permanently. Straight from the team at House of Molds in Italy, make your own resin dice for games!

This set of seven molds allows you to create dice in several geometric shapes. Castings range in size from 17 mm in diameter to 24 mm in diameter. The clear silicone is great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles.

Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes! The flexible silicone rubber allows you to use the mold dozens of time. Use acrylic paint to highlight the numbers after demolding castings. These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin,polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement and more.

Have questions about using these molds?

I have a few dice...one or two maybe

Overall decent set of dice molds. Some of the molds produce lopsided or oblong dice though; which is pretty disappointing. I expected better quality in that regard for the price. They otherwise function well; with the exception of some tearing in the molds when extracting the dice.

We are beginner dice makers and these molds are invaluable! They make perfect dice! Great price and quick shipping! The molds arrived quickly and function well.

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I was using a UV resin and got good results using these molds. My only complaint is that I wish I had known about the sharp edge molds and gotten those instead as that is more inline what I wanted.

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But good, solid molds. We'll see. Bought these to make sets of dice for purchase in future. So far, so good. Fast shipping time, all-around good product. These molds are awesome for making rounded edges dice! You have to make sure you're getting out all of the bubbles and not squeezing the molds too tight with rubber bands, but overall they're amazing!

Your cart is empty. Home Clear silicone set of 7 dice molds. Product will be back in stock soon. Expected In Stock Date: Add to Wishlist Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Pin It. The listing is for the molds only.Cast your own unique dice with these dice set molds!

Choose from 7, 10 and 19 piece dice sets, all made with flexible, reusable silicone. Add fillers like crystals, stones, dried flowers, glitter, sequins, pearl powder, mica powder or any other decoration you'd like. Clean with warm soapy water. Add a tool kit consisting of silicone pouring cups and air bubble removers.

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dice molds

Olivia B. I was short shipped one of the molds, but it was taken care of and I received it today in the mail! This company is thorough and efficient. Plus their other stuff is pretty cool so chances are I'll order from them in the future! The dice molds are great. I look forward to learning more about casting resin to remove the bubbles. The only complaint is the size of one of the D10's, being significantly larger than the rest of the dice. These molds are fantastic!

Clear silicone dice molds - single dice molds

I'm learning to make my own dice now, and while I've got a long way to go see: giant bubbles I tried to hide in the photoI'm BEYOND excited to practice with these molds! Great molds except the d10 dice is huge for some reason. Other reviews said it too. Product quality is fine and I can cast a really nice dice set with this, but the D10 was way bigger size than the rest.

All the molds in the set except for the D10 were normal in size.Your wishlist has been temporarily saved.

dice molds

Please Log in to save it permanently. Straight from the team at House of Molds in Italy, make your own resin dice for games! These molds are sold individually. The clear silicone is great for knowing exactly where to place your embedments or for removing bubbles. Being able to see through the mold means fewer mistakes! The flexible silicone rubber allows you to use the mold dozens of time. Use acrylic paint to highlight the numbers after demolding castings.

These flexible silicone rubber molds can be used with many materials, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, fimo clay, concrete, cement and more. Have questions about using these molds? I bought this as my first 3d model with the intent to make dice for my gaming group and friends and I am very please with it.

The inside is nice and smooth and the dice come out very shiney and polished with very little finishing work needed. I have used this mold many times, its easy to use, and has survived many castings, even when i failed to mix the resin it still came clean super easily!

I received my d20 mold about a week ago. The first casting was clear and beautiful. After that, I realized that my regular resin polyester was probably not the best for that. I asked for feedback and the Resin Obsession crew gave me lots of helpful suggestions.

I do have one concern - the mold is starting to tear a bit, no matter how careful I am. I've made about 6 dice so far, so I am concerned that it may not stand up to the abuse I'll end up putting it through. I own my own business, so I pour daily. I got a set of these molds and they work fantastic! The dice come out looking polished and shiny, and the molds themselves are sturdy and well-made. I did have to purchase some plastic injectors to get the resin into the tiny openings, though!

These produce good quality casts but the durability is not very good. My first set lasted about 2 months before they were no longer usable. Even mild heat to warm them up for casting yellowed the molds so they couldn't be used to cast UV resin. If well cared-for they make beautiful dice. Your cart is empty.

Shiny Silicone Molds

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